New IN Magazine Hits Newsstands

Courtesy This is the new IN Magaine which is hitting the newsstands.

As a teenager growing up in Whitehouse in the late 1990s, Adam Fears knew how to soak up the sun and take it easy.

Now a rising country music star, Fears talks in the new edition of IN Magazine about how those carefree days of simple country living became the inspiration behind his new album, "Golden Gravel Road."

IN, featuring stories and photographs celebrating the best of East Texas, hits the streets today. It is free and available at restaurants and specialty shops throughout the region.

The magazine brings the story of how friends Caleb Pirtle and Terry Stembridge are saving the vanishing photographs and oral histories of the oil boom days of Kilgore.

Also: learn why yoga can calm hyper children, why lacrosse might be the next big sport in East Texas and how Pulpwood Queen Book Club founder Kathy Murphy got her mojo back in Hawkins.

IN Magazine is online at Its entertainment website,, lists hundreds of fun things to do including concerts and plays.




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