TYLER (KYTX) – A new contract for health care services at the Smith County Jail is going smoothly so far, officials told CBS19.

The $1.42 million contract with Correct Care Solutions went into effect October 1st. The contract is worth around $43,000 less than the previous one. Officials made the change in order to bring more stability to costs.

“It does more than just save taxpayers money, it keeps also our guards in the facility because it allows for more extensive services to be provided by the inmate provider that we currently have,” said Kim Gould, Purchasing Director for Smith County.

The staff at the Smith County Jail is already seeing about 100 inmates a day, along with 25 to 30 inmates examined daily during the intake process.

Most of the employees under the old contract kept their jobs under the new deal. The contract contains only modest increases in payments if it is renewed, unless the inmate population at the jail goes up dramatically.

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