From chest pains to high cholesterol, pediatric cardiologists take care of children's heart problems. Health experts say there's a growing need for their service in East Texas.

"Oh it's wonderful. We're truly enjoying East Texas." said Dr. Shannon Blalock with Pediatric Heart Specialists.

She's no stranger to the area. Growing up in Marshall, she said it was an easy move from Dallas to Tyler three months ago.

"There's no one in East Texas who actually lives here and practices pediatric cardiology," she said.

Except for her.

At Trinity Mother Frances Louis and Peaches Owen Heart Hospital, one can find a pediatric cardiologist in once a week.

Dr. Adrian Dyer is one, of two, who drives in from Children's Medical Center Dallas every other Wednesday.

"This is actually my fullest clinic- even compared to back in Dallas." she said. "Typically, we see a lot of patients here. We probably see 16 patients or so any given day."

She said pediatric cardiologists usually practice in larger cities near major academic hubs, like the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas.

"A few years ago, we saw that there was a need to come to East Texas and it just has skyrocketed how many patients that we're seeing. And, we're probably booked for maybe two months in advance because there's definitely a need for cardiology here."

Dr. Dyer and Dr. Blalock say it's an honor to be able to fill that need.

"To be able to help those families through those difficult times is important."






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