With humor and grace, Miss Kay and Lisa Robertson of A&E's "Duck Dynasty" fame shared personal stories of their pro-life stances with a crowd of almost 500 in Tyler.

The women were here as part of Christian Homes & Family Services' Ninth Annual Call Her Blessed Luncheon.

The event serves as a fundraiser for the nonprofit agency that provides residential and community-based care to women with unplanned pregnancies.

It also is licensed to provide maternity care and foster care in Texas and adoption services in Texas and Oklahoma.

As a pregnant 16-year-old, Miss Kay called her then boyfriend, Phil, who was going to college in another state at the time and told him. He told her to come be with him and they would get married.

Miss Kay said though she had no idea how to care for a child, given she was one, she never questioned the decision.

"I never thought I wouldn't choose life for Alan," she said.

Today, she works with women's ministries in her church and has the opportunity to encourage young women, some of whom are in similar situations.

She told the story of one young woman who she and others were able to help support through the early stages of a pregnancy.

Through the work of a pregnancy resource center, this woman decided to keep her baby and cancel an abortion appointment she already scheduled. The woman said she never felt so loved, Miss Kay said.

"I've learned this through honesty," she said. "If you tell it, it's OK. God will help you."

Lisa Robertson shared her story of unplanned pregnancy. She was 16 when she became pregnant and had an abortion "because we believed the lie (that it was not a child) and it was not convenient at the time."

"For 35 years, I've had to live with the decision I made," she said adding that for a long time she thought the challenges she had with her subsequent pregnancies were God's punishment.

She ultimately came to the realization that they were not, that God is a faithful and graceful God.

"He healed me and he set me free of that sin and every sin, I've committed since then," she said.

She said it's important to remember what pro-life isn't.

"I am pro-life, but I'm not against women," she said. "I am not against women's rights. I am for life. I am against death."

She said she is not against a woman being able to do whatever she wants with her body, but she does believe a woman who is sexually active should be responsible with her actions.

"We need to teach them that abstinence is the best way," she said. "We need to have discussions with them, but these discussions also need to be seasoned with grace because what if they aren't abstinent." 

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