FLINT - A 29-year-old Smith County man was arrested and accused of driving while intoxicated Friday afternoon after his vehicle crashed through a fence and into an RV, which then caught fire.

Department of Public Safety Trooper Richard Hoover said the man told authorities that he smoked K2, a synthetic compound with effects similar to marijuana, and drove north of the Coffee City area on Texas Highway 155.

Hoover said the man's vehicle, a Honda Accord, ran off the road at least once on his way north and came through the Randy's Crawfish & Cajun Grub parking lot, going through a fence and striking an RV, which caught fire after the fuel line on the vehicle ruptured.

The owners of the RV were out of town but are on their way back, the trooper said. Friends of the homeowners indicated that a dog was in the in the RV, the trooper said, but it was unclear what happened to the animal.

No people were injured in the incident, and the restaurant was not damaged. Hoover said the driver admitted he was intoxicated and impaired.

The call came in shortly after 4:30 p.m.

DPS as well as Noonday and Bullard fire departments were among those that responded to the incident.


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