The Tyler Morning Telegraph football edition was a play on words with Whitehouse and the White House. Seven years later, Mahomes earned write-in votes for president.

As a fun East Texas Football Preview cover in 2013, the Tyler Morning Telegraph had a photo shoot with Whitehouse quarterback Patrick Mahomes, as he posed as the president in a suit and the graphics department did a Yes He Can cover, meaning winning a state title not the presidency.

Mahomes also posed as president in the “war room” as his teammates dressed as cabinet members in the White House, for the Whitehouse Wildcats.

At the time, it was a fun cover shoot for a high school student. Just seven years later, not only did Mahomes have a big part in making voting easy for residents in Missouri, he earned votes in two counties.

Mahomes showed he is a favorite of Democrat and Republican voters. He received votes in Clay County, which voted for President Donald Trump 51 to 47 percent and he received write-in votes for president in Jackson County which voted for former Vice President Joe Biden 60 to 38 percent.

“Obviously, it’s funny getting written in and stuff like that, but that’s not anywhere where I’m thinking right now. So maybe later, I’ll have to think of a slogan or something like that,” said Mahomes of his votes for president.

His engagement to Whitehouse native Brittany Matthews was a surprise, and the couple did a surprise gender reveal recently (it’s a girl), so his presidential slogan is a secret as well.

“It’s going to be sweet,” Mahomes said.

One slight issue for fans of Mahomes in 2024, he is only 25 and has to be 35 to run.

Despite his age, Mahomes, the Super Bowl MVP quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, split the cost with his NFL team for the use of Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City as a voting location. A Vote at Arrowhead webpage was created as well.

Then, to ensure there would be new voting machines, Mahomes’ and his foundation, 15 and the Mahomies, came together with the Chiefs organization to purchase new machines. Mahomes has his second edition cereal out, Mahomes Magic Crunch, to raise money for his foundation. The cereal, produced by he PLB Sports and Entertainment and available at Hy-Vee stores in the Kansas City market, raises money for the foundation. the second edition has eight different back panels that make a puzzle of Mahomes.

Chiefs President Mark Donovan appeared on CNN and said despite securing Arrowhead Stadium, voting would not have taken place without the new machines.

“We finally had to go to them and say ‘What’s it going to take?’ And that’s really what launched the idea of purchasing new machines,” Donovan said. “And so we, the Chiefs organization, the Hunt family and Patrick Mahomes and his 15 and the Mahomies Foundation came together and said, ‘If that’s what it’s going to take, we’re committed to this point. Let’s go.’”

Mahomes said, “I think Arrowhead ended up being a great spot for people to kind of come together, go out and get your vote. Being a great place, where it seemed like everything went smooth and was ran well. It’s super exciting and hopefully, we can continue to do that.”

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