Longview city council passes fire alarm ordinance for animal facilities


LONGVIEW (KYTX) - Animal facilities in Longview will now have to install fire alarms and smoke detectors. That's after an ordinance was passed in Thursday's city council meeting.

The ordinance was drafted after 38 animals died in a fire at the Kimbrough Animal Hospital June 2015. It requires all animal facilities that house animals without a staff member there to install the alarm systems within 12 months.

Janet Erwin lost her two dogs in the fire. She says tonight's vote is a win for animal lovers.

"Animals certainly ours are part of our family and they deserve the same kind of care as any human would. We grieve for them as we do a family member," Erwin said.

There was a large contingency of veterinarians at the meeting Thursday. Many of them opposing the ordinance, saying it's just too costly to install the systems.

The ordinance passed by a unanimous vote.

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