Lindale debate coach receives national award


A well-known Lindale speech and debate coach will receive a national award for her accomplishments in June.

The National Speech & Debate Association announced last week it will honor Janice Caldwell as a diamond coach, according to a news release from the district.

A diamond award recognizes a career that combines excellence and longevity, the release states. The award is based on coach points, where coaches receive one-tenth of the points earned by their students and one-tenth of the points earned as a student member of the association.

After five years as a National Speech & Debate Association member, a coach who earns 1,500 points is awarded a first diamond award. The second diamond comes at 3,000 points, a third at 6,000 points. Five years must pass between each diamond award.

Mrs. Caldwell earned her fourth diamond award, with 11,137 total points.

Mrs. Caldwell will receive special recognition at the National Speech & Debate Tournament in Overland Park, Kansas, on June 19. More than 5,000 people from across the nation attend the event annually. 


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