Letters to the Editor for Sunday, Sept. 24

I am a junior high student studying how different forms of energy are used in our world. We have learned about nuclear and oil energy so far.

I am writing to you about Tyler’s current energy sources. 50.48% of our energy is coming from natural gas while we’re only using 15.94% of wind, 0.68% of solar, and 0.24% of hydro energy to our advantage.

I feel we need to invest in the three renewable sources previously listed because of how unhealthy natural gas is to the environment.

Alton Horton



Do graduating seniors have 20/20 vision? Are they embracing the Democrats’ socialist policies? Do they know what USSR stood for? Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, an abysmal failure.

This is America, where you can achieve your dream, not a free lunch. My family motto, “You don’t work, you don’t eat.”

I tell young people if you work, you are entitled to Social Security when you retire, but you had better save for yourself also, because that S.S. deduction on your check stub really means “slow starvation.”

Let’s educate our young people about real values.

Ann Mitchell



I grew up as a Republican. My father, whom I loved, was extremely conservative. The first candidate I campaigned for as a high school student was Barry Goldwater ... the father of conservatism.

After getting out of law school I began representing folks who were injured ... car wrecks, work injuries, defective products and have until this day. This gave me a personal insight into the home and lives of folks at all levels of society. I began to know them on a level I would not have had access to otherwise. Several were on the lower end of the income scale. I witnessed the effort most of these families made to survive and stick together.

That’s why I reject the label of liberal. I am a conservative who now appreciates the value to humans at all levels of society more than I ever did before.

The current president rants in cliches that polarize us into groups hating each other. We are becoming segregated tribes who don’t discuss but throw insults. This tribalism is the only enemy that can destroy our free society.

I ask that everyone — on all ends of the political spectrum — to listen carefully to what others are saying ... sincerely ask questions. Reject all sources of “information” you haven’t verified. Remember we are all brothers and sisters in this great experiment.

Blake Bailey



I want to commend the Tyler Paper on their coverage leading up to and beyond Super Bowl 54. I enjoyed all the stories/photos regarding Mahomes’ growing up in this area and all the people who have influenced his life/career. A job well done for a very worthy personality!

Vicki Alfred



I am ashamed that I once voted for Romney — as being the lessor of two evils. I will try to make it up by contributing to and voting for all his future opponents when possible. Romney is a despicable politician praised by the likes of Democrats Pelosi, Schumer and Schiff.

This is a first in American history for a politician to vote to convict and remove a president from office by a member of his own party on impeachment. Trump was not even charged with breaking a law, only a vague charge of abuse of power which is not an impeachment crime! Romney, a historic turncoat that will be remembered long in history — much like Benedict Arnold.

Harry Bergman



Wow! Never thought I’d see it in my time — the royal family falls apart and the U.S. gets its first king. So much for “change.”

Carol Thompson


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