LONGVIEW (KYTX) - It has been almost one month since Josh Warren unexpectedly passed away after football practice. His death was a blow to his family and friends, but the wait for answers as to why he died just seems to go on and on.

Josh's father, Larry Warren, said he just wants to know what happened and why.

"That's the aggravating part," Larry Warren said. "Waiting."

Tim Bryan is a Justice of the Peace for Gregg County. He said these things just take time.

"Sometimes I know that it does take a while just simply because of the processes involved," Bryan said. "Shows that have police and doctors have it solved within the hour is unrealistic. TV tells us that those answers come pretty quick."

Josh and other Pine Tree players were required to have physicals. His untimely death is a cautionary tale for any parent with a child competing in school athletics. Pediatrician Darvy Mann said these physicals are an important first step to preventing fatal problems.

"We look at blood pressure," Mann said. "We look at heart rate. The exam listening for heart murmurs. Checking pulses. These things need to take place in a serious manner."

Mann said when tragedies such as this happen, it impacts doctors as well.

"It's really a sad scenario when it happens," Mann said. "It pulls at all of our coattails. It hurts the medical community as much as it does everyone but the family, obviously.

The family is being told that answer they seek may come in a couple of weeks. However, they may still have questions.

"Sometimes those answers may not come," Bryan said. "I've seen autopsies that were inconclusive. Death sometimes never gives us all the answers we want. It is just a very difficult time."

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