How to handle a lost dog following Independence Day


(KYTX) TYLER - According to Lost Dogs of America, more dogs get lost or run away from home on Independence Day, than any other day. Most of those dogs run away because they are scared of the fireworks and are seeking shelter.

If you happen to find a lost dog here is what you should do:

• Check for tags• Take dog to veterinarian to get scanned for chip• Notify local authorities or animal control• Make “found dog” flyers or post picture to social media

If the lost dog seems aggressive you should stay away. Don’t chase it or make it feel threatened.

“Don't get bit, don't feel like you have to save the dog if you are going to be in danger, because you don't know the shot record on that dog,” said Sheri Dixon, the hospital administrator at Tyler Animal Emergency Clinic. “You don't know the vaccination record or if it's vaccinated for rabies or not."

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