HENDERSON (KYTX) - Leola Jones says she didn't know that a tornado was touching down near her backyard on May 25.

"It came over my husband's phone to take cover, the tornado was in your area, but I didn't think it was here," Jones says she remembers. "We need them to have a warning. The residents of Henderson needs to hear the siren, and they'll really believe it then."

The May 25 tornado destroyed or damaged about 300 homes, churches and businesses through the center of Henderson.

Police Chief James Pierson says the two biggest questions from his community are: when storm debris will get picked up, and whether the city will get storm sirens.

By coincidence, Pierson began researching sirens May 19.

"Six days later, we had a tornado," Pierson says.

He's contacted Kilgore and Hallsville about their storm warning systems.

He hasn't determined cost estimates, but depending on technology, sirens can cost anywhere from $10,000 each to $45,000 each.

"At this point in time, I can't tell you whether it's going to be feasible or not. Technology has changed so dramatically now, that more protection is always better. The focus entirely for the city is to get the best warning system in place we could have," Pierson says.

He says, once the city has completed debris cleanup from the storm, he will complete his research into storm sirens and present his findings to the Henderson City Council.

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