HALLSVILLE (KYTX) - Trent Coon has haggled with the City of Hallsville nearly two years about runoff and sinkholes in his driveway and front lawn.

He contends that water from busted storm drains caused him property damage and headaches.

"They couldn't decide who's responsible for it. A year and a half has gone by, and I've had issues with my driveway with dirt washing and going out. And they've recognized now that there was a problem," Coon said.

This month, the city thought it remedied the problem. It's paying Carthage-based Miller Contractors $57,000 to repair the gulley and repair part of three driveways along Cider Lane, but when it came to repairing his whole driveway, Coon said the city offered to pay only a portion of the fix.

"I didn't agree with that, because I don't feel like I am responsible for it," Coon said.

Hallsville Mayor Steve Eitelman says he's not arguing publicly about coon's disagreement with the city, but he's very proud of contractors' work this week.

"We've got new drainage in, repoured the concrete, repaired the driveways that we had to cut through, unfortunately, we repaired that. Got the drainage lines in, repairing that right now, bringing fresh sod in, and hopefully be done by Friday," Eitelman said.

Beyond that, Eitelman says he's not using public money to fix private property that isn't the city's responsibility.

Coon says he might be left to find a legal remedy.

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