Lisa Pulliam, 51, of Tyler, has found her calling as an author, speaker, mentor and retreat host.

Lisa Pulliam, 51, of Tyler, worked her way to the top of a direct sales business, but that work, she said, was not her true calling in life. Although she still works with the company, she said she has found her calling as an author, speaker, mentor and retreat host.

“That business put me in an incubator to learn and grow,” Pulliam said. “I learned to train people, speak in front of crowds and I grew out of that experience.”

Pulliam is a wife and mother of five children.

Many might think she is a psychologist or a life coach, but she said she is neither.

Are you a life coach?

No, but I think I’ve been fighting the calling. I’ve been mentoring and coaching women for about 10 years. I haven’t put that title (life coach) behind my name. I think God is walking me through steps to get there.

What made you decide to develop an online course for women?

We live in a do anything be anything world. Sometimes that is positive, but it comes with some negative. We are constantly living up to expectations that we should and ought to do and we end up blowing through life missing our greater purpose.

Describe your online course and who can take it?

“True Calling: The five step pathway to reclaim your dreams and live with joy and purpose” is a digital online course that launches July 21. It’s a five-week series of webinars and exercises for women.

What do you want people to know about your books?

“Toes in the Sand: My Journey from Domestic Engineer to Entrepreneur” is the first book I wrote. It’s about my experience of being a wife and mom and starting and working to the top ranks in a direct sales business.

“Souls in the Sand: Stories of Setbacks, Surviving, Stepping and Soaring” is my newest book. It’s a collection of stories from women who have chosen to share their stories about how they lived through challenging times and found a greater purpose.

I titled them because of my love for the beach. It’s God’s creation that gets me centered.

Why do you choose to work with women?

I’ve been asked why my work and retreats aren’t offered to men. I don’t know if I’m ready to do that. What motivates and drives women is different. My target audience is women. I get them. I understand them.

I am in awe of the caliber and heart of the women who attend my beach retreats. They don’t know each other. They come together as strangers and end up leaving as friends. I love hearing their stories and commonalities. It’s a great way for people to lock arms and grow together in this crazy journey called life.

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