Starting a workout and sticking with it isn't as easy as it sounds. Research finds 50 percent of us will drop out within the first six months if we don't have someone to keep us accountable.

A Tyler man was motivated to lose weight and get healthy with a huge support system.

Five months ago, Joe Spurgin wasn't convinced he could make time to exercise between work and his kids' busy schedules, but a friend nudged him into trying CrossFit and it made all the difference.

The 44-year-old found himself out of shape and weighing 228 pounds last April.

"You're going to your kids' activities, and you come home and I was basically sitting on the couch and cutting the lawn. That was about it," Spurgin said.

Joe traded his couch and fast food for CrossFit workouts.

If you've never tried CrossFit, it's a strength and conditioning program that's relatively intense.

"The first workout was brutal," Spurgin said. "It totally revealed how out of shape I was."

But there was strength in numbers for him at CrossFit Tyler. The Journal of American Academy of Physician Assistants also recommends group exercise as a way to stay on track.

"Coming in here with the community at CrossFit Tyler," Spurgin said. "They are welcoming and encouraging and they understand, everybody has to have a first day, a first week."

That support system provided fuel for him to commit to five workouts a week, which helped him lose almost 75 pounds. Spurgin didn't just gain muscle tone and endurance along the way.

"You feel better about yourself, your confidence kind of goes through the roof and the great thing about that is, you get to take that with you into the community, into your work, into your home," he said.

Spurgin no longer suffers from that afternoon slump many of us deal with. He says changing his eating habits to lean protein, fruits and vegetables gives him more than enough energy to get through the day and CrossFit. Another benefit he likes about CrossFit: You're in and out in an hour. That includes a warm-up, workout of the day, a cool down and stretch.



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