Bergfeld Park, known for its tall, shady trees and busy playground, will very soon be an active construction site.

This week, equipment began mobilizing to the site to begin renovations on Bergfeld Park’s amphitheater. The area around the theater is fenced off and heavy equipment is arriving to the site.

The project is expected to take 150 days to complete, according to the contract. Contractor TCMC Commercial IP will complete the work for $987,000.

The scope includes renovating the stage, seating area and correcting long-standing drainage issues. The schematics were completed by Fitzpatrick Architects and approved by local and state historical commissions, allowing the park and the stage to keep their historical markers.

The funding will come from a variety of places.

Namely, a donation of $325,000 from the Centene Charitable Foundation.

The city will use Centene’s donation, and could use another $100,000 in other private donations made for upgrades to the park. The parks department anticipates spending another $162,000 from its budget and the city’s tourism fund.

Another $400,000 was approved to come from the half-cent sales tax fund to complete the project and cover any contingency funds.

It won’t be an easy project because of the way the park’s electrical system was installed. Crews will be working in tight confines of the site, with delicate WPA-style walls, and around an existing storm drain that runs below the seating area that large trucks have to avoid.

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