Enrollment increases in Tyler ISD


Tyler ISD's enrollment has increased by nearly 150 students since fall last year, according to an enrollment report comparing numbers from October 2014 to October 2015. 

Districtwide enrollment as of October totaled 18,184, compared to 18,035 a year ago, the report showed. While the district as a whole experienced an increase in enrollment, some individual schools showed a decline as some students moved schools. 

The new Three Lakes Middle School, which opened in August, has 760 students for its first year enrollment. Three Lakes pulled students from the southwest part of the district, primarily from the old Stewart Middle School, Hogg Middle School and Hubbard Middle School. Some families that had been sending children to private schools enrolled them this year at Three Lakes, Tyler ISD Superintendent Dr. Marty Crawford said.

Most middle school students from Stewart went to Three Lakes and Boulter Middle School, increasing enrollment there from 632 to 796 this year.

Students who had completed two grades at Hogg or Hubbard who would have been rezoned to Three Lakes were allowed to remain and finish the eigth grade at their schools, Crawford said.

The opening of Three Lakes resulted in a decrease in students at Hubbard from 787 last year to 490 this year, as well as a drop in enrollment at Hogg, from 482 to 435 this year. Stewart Middle School had 520 middle school students last year before it closed and was renamed the A.T. Stewart Academy of Excellence in honor of a former educator. It now houses Tyler ISD's early college high school program.

"I think the theory of Three Lakes being inserted into the middle school programming here to help reduce and alleviate overcrowding at our campuses has really helped out," Crawford said.

In addition to building the new Three Lakes School with funds from a $160.5 million bond issue, Tyler ISD constructed the Career & Technology Center, built replacement schools for Boulter and Moore MST Magnet School and renovated and expanded Rice and Dixie elementary schools.




Oct. 2015 Oct 2014

Austin 473 469

Bell 501 454

Birdwell 513 485

Bonner 437 437

Clarkston 358 373

Dixie 614 589

Douglas 605 646

Owens 636 650

Caldwell 674 692

Griffin 637 668

Jones 372 360

Orr 617 651

Peete 336 343

Ramey 559 528

Rice 679 633

Woods 699 664

Jack 750 742

St. Louis 99 117

Boulter 796 632

Dogan 519 575

Hogg 435 482

Hubbard 490 787

Moore 792 795

Three Lakes 760 0

Robert E. Lee 2,570 2,590

John Tyler 2,263 2,153

Districtwide 18,184 18,035


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