East Texas Cornerstone Assistance Network’s No Run Run exceeds fundraising goal


The East Texas Cornerstone Assistance Network’s No Run Run raised more than $63,000, exceeding the organization’s goal by $13,000.

The No Run Run took place on Monday and featured participants who raised money to avoid having to run. No actual marathon took place on Monday, and participants spent the day doing other activities instead.

Cornerstone Executive Director Scott Harrison said the organization is very happy with the results of the event.

“We were both amazed and delighted by the response we got throughout the community,” Harrison said in a news release. “People seemed to love the idea - after all, who really wants to run a marathon in August in Texas - and really got into the spirit of the thing.”

All proceeds from the fundraiser benefit the East Texas Cornerstone Assistance Network, which has a mission is to "transform lives by helping those in need find immediate employment, get effective job training and access affordable food and clothing."

To learn more about Cornerstone, visit www.etcornerstone.org.

- Augusta Robinson


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