(KYTX) - You've seen the video and read the stories about what's being called the worst humanitarian crisis of our time.

Millions of Syrian refugees are escaping their war-torn land only to find uncertainty and need.

Now, nearly a dozen East Texans are heading oversees to help.

"They asked us to come help, so we're going," explained Debbie Lascelles with MercyWorks Ministries and Youth With a Mission.

Lascelles has been on mission trips for more than 20 years. Her next trip will send her and eight other East Texans to the Lesbos Island in Greece where thousands of Syrian refugees are fleeing to escape war in their country.

"We kind of got an urgent call to come help," said Debbie. "The needs there are overwhelming."

This trip will include Debbie's younger daughter, Haley, who's not letting her age stop her from helping other people.

"I think that you can never be too young because Jesus said let the little children come to him," said Haley. "And I'm not that little. I mean, I'm twelve."

Haley is following in her mom's footsteps by pursuing ministry work. She says her biggest hope is to help the youngest refugees.

"Younger kids, it's kind of more hard for an adult to come to them," explained Haley. "Children, they kind of make the atmosphere less tense, and bring a sense of more peace."

The group will distribute food, clothes, blankets, give medical attention and minister to the refugees.

Debbie says she's well aware of the possible dangers with the trip, but is confident they can handle whatever is thrown their way.

"We've been trained in these types of situations," Debbie explained. "We know when to evacuate and we do have a lot of safety measures in place."

And even though the group will only be in Lesbos Island for a few weeks, they say it's all about fulfilling God's calling on them to help other people.

"It's a short trip but hopefully we can make a difference in some people's lives," said Debbie.

The group will leave Saturday, November 7th, and will return on the 18th.

Debbie says their biggest need is socks.


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