Disc were flying in the air during the 13th annual Ice Bowl Disc Golf Tournament Saturday morning at Lindsey Park in Tyler.

People from all over East Texas ranging from ages 7 to 60 years old signed up to play.The tournament featured families competing against one another while having fun at the same time.

Ice Bowls are disc golf tournaments held in cities across the nation from January to February. Ice Bowls are so named because they occur in the two months that are often the coldest of the year.

The mission of the Ice Bowl is to bring local awareness and raise money for those who can't feed themselves. The Ice Bowl is under no circumstances to be canceled or postponed because of any weather conditions and no excuses are permitted. Funds raised are used for donations to the East Texas Food Bank that are dispersed across East Texas.

Debbie Isham, special events and recreation manager for the city of Tyler, explained: "Here we are promoting disc golf at the park. We have three courses out here and this is our 13th year doing it. So far we have given over 100,800 meals that serve 26 counties in East Texas.

"We had 52 players sign up this year, from kids to grandparents. The fun thing about it is that families can do this together, have a fun competitive experience and great bonding time while it all goes to the East Texas Food Bank for food donations."

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