The Discovery Science Place opened its Kinetics exhibit Wednesday, which illustrates for children laws of physics like gravity, energy transfer and potential energy.

"We like to think the preeminent value is there's an opportunity for children to learn informally what they may not be able to learn in school," said Phil Lindsey, CEO of the nonprofit museum. "After all, what better way to demonstrate kinetic energy? ... Exposing these concepts even at a young age is helpful."

The exhibit was funded by Joyce, Chris, and Lauren Buford, and is now a permanent exhibit at the museum.

The central display is a sculpture by George Rhoads, famous for his "ball machines." In the sculpture at the museum, a ball gets pulled up then dropped through a track past wind chimes and spinning planets. The sculpture is titled "Planet Holiday." The exhibit also features a gravity well and a "super bounce."

So far, children seem excited by the new exhibit.

"Children will watch this for hours because there's so much going on," Lindsey said.

One of those children is J.J. Salcido, 3. He and his mother and baby sister were visiting the museum on Wednesday.

"This place has a significant value for us," said his mother, Rachel. "We can come here almost everyday and he still loves it, he's enthralled. It's definitely the place that most captures his imagination."




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