Davis Dickson takes back position as head of Tyler Pounds Regional Airport


Davis Dickson's retirement may be the shortest on record.

After 27 years with the city, Dickson left his role as manager of the Tyler Pounds Regional Airport in January to consult with a local engineering firm.

By late May, he was back.

Dickson said he enjoyed the work, and spoke highly of the company he worked with, but he didn't feel challenged.

"I think it's a good move to come back," Dickson told the Airport Advisory Board on Monday. The meeting was his first since returning to the job. "I'm enjoying being back. I tried my life in the consultant world. The city asked if I would consider coming back, and after a couple times of saying no, I decided the consultant world was good, but it didn't challenge me the way I want to see."

Moving forward at the airport, Dickson will continue to oversee the reconfiguring and extension of the facility's longest runway. The work has been ongoing for several years, and it will be several more before the work is complete.

The airport also is looking to bring in more airlines to provide service to Tyler. American Airlines is the only current provider in Tyler. United Airlines pulled out of the area last year, citing a decline in the energy sector.

Dickson said the time away could be beneficial to Tyler Pounds.

"By being away from the airport and coming back, you realize some things you can do better and there are some things we will do better - one of those is how we communicate this construction phase."

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