The Tyler Police Department is urging the community to stay home if possible, and avoid using the road.

Current road conditions remain hazardous, as roads are slick and some hills are impossible to navigate.

According to a press release from Tyler PD, Crews have worked to improve roadways overnight and will continue working on the current conditions throughout the day. The city is focusing on sanding and de-icing major bridges, overpasses, and areas surrounding hospitals.

"We are taking a maintainer and sanding truck to Golden Road Water Treatment Plant to clear for deliveries later today. The county crews and contractor are utilizing three maintainers to clear snow and ice on major arterials in the city. Supplies Stockpiles of crushed aggregate and de-icer remain good," said the release.

The city has requested that residents keep a safe distance from the trucks and crews as to allow them to do their jobs safely.

"Many intersections have restored power. As long as the power source remains stable, staff will begin taking intersections out of red flash, removing stop signs and restoring full colors to intersections. Drivers are urged to drive slow and treat an intersection as a four-way stop if the traffic signal is not working," said the release.

Residents can report traffic signal outages by calling the Tyler Police Department non-emergency number at (903) 531-1000.


The Department has also stated that the complete restoration of energy is not yet possible, and Oncor cannot predict how long power outages will last.

"At this time, Oncor cannot guarantee a maximum amount of time power may be out. We have advised them that, to the fullest extent possible, neighborhoods should be cycled so that we all share in the loss of power and lessen the amount of time a specific area does without. Conservation (by those fortunate enough to have power) until the weekend helps bring more families back online with heat," read the release.

Residents are being asked to conserve energy safely and within reason.

The city requests that residents:

Turn down thermostats to 68-degrees.

Close shades and blinds to reduce the amount of heat lost through windows.

Turn off and unplug non-essential lights and appliances.

Avoid using large appliances (i.e., ovens, washing machines, etc.).

Businesses should minimize the use of electric lighting and electricity-consuming equipment as much as possible.

Large consumers of electricity should consider shutting down or reducing non-essential production processes.

Contact Oncor at 1-888-313-4747 to report power outages and downed power lines.

"The blackouts impact every aspect of our emergency response. Right now, the electrical power in Texas is in an unprecedented situation due to demand. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) is the traffic manager for the electric grid and has directed very serious conservation efforts that impact the state and Tyler," read the release.

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