TYLER (KYTX) - Could Texas secede from the union? It did it once before back in 1861 and now the Texas Nationalist Movement thinks it time to do it again. It thinks the March Republican Primary ballot is the place to start. Their goal is to get 75,000 thousand signatures from registered voters by December 1.

We spoke with the group's president tonight and he wasn't able to verify how many signatures the movement has so far, but he's sure they'll be successful.

"Do I believe there is a chance that this will get on the ballot at some point? Absolutely," said Texas Nationalist Movement President Daniel Miller.

He says his group has received a lot of support since the petition started.

"We have received pledges from tens of thousands of Texans that want to sign this petition," Miller said.

The Movement is the largest organization working exclusively for the state's independence with over 200,000 supporters. Miller says this push to secede the union is in the best interest for Texans.

"What we are seeing from Texans is that they believe that the right of self determination for Texans to decide the way that we govern ourselves is the best course for Texas," explained Miller.

And that's exactly what 24 year-old Farrah Fincke said too.

"I feel like a lot of people in Texas aren't for a lot of the stuff that the U.S. government is trying push on us and it would give us the freedom to not have to do that," said Fincke.

Fincke is studying this topic in college and she believe Texas should be removed from the nation.

"I actually just wrote a paper about this for my history class, and I found out that we could actually secede from the union and not have to deal with the down fall of some of the laws that our President now is trying to put on us," Fincke said.

However, one East Texan completely disagrees.

"I think it's kind of ridiculous. We have a very good thing in the union right now, being a part of it," said James Olson.

Miller says if it doesn't make the ballot in March, he will keep working until it does and Texas is independent.

The Texas GOP will decide next month whether to place the resolution on the march primary ballot. Any resolution would be non binding and would not commit the Texas Republican Party or any elected republican office holders to support secession.

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