U.S. House congressional District 1 Democratic candidate Hank Gilbert, running against Republican U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert, speaks to UT Tyler students on his policy stances during a campus visit in this file photo from 2019.

Tyler businessman and rancher Hank Gilbert will launch a print advertising campaign Saturday in the Tyler Morning Telegraph, the largest newspaper in Texas' First Congressional District decrying the occupation of American cities by federal paramilitary forces in advance of protest rallies set in Nacogdoches and Tyler on Sunday.

Gilbert's ad uses imagery of Allied troops sailing toward Normandy Beach on D-Day, and images of paramilitary forces in Portland, noting, "Our grandfathers stormed the beaches to defeat fascism. Now, our generation must defeat fascists at home."

Gilbert is running the ad in the Tyler Morning Telegraph, and a smaller ad in the Nacogdoches Daily Sentinel in advance of protest rallies scheduled today (Sunday) in both cities.

"My opponent, Louie Gohmert, who screamed about 'states rights' when it came to the Affordable Care Act, hasn't said a word about the unconstitutional use of federal law enforcement in Portland by President Trump. This Sunday, people in my district are taking to the streets — with our masks — to protest the occupation of American cities, and to let our Congressman know he needs to grow a backbone and stand up to Trump," said Gilbert.

The event Sunday will be held at 2 p.m. at 100 N. Broadway, the square in front of the Smith County Courthouse.

Here is that Gilbert's announcement on the event says:

"WEAR A MASK and join us to protest the unconstitutional occupation of Portland, and coming occupation of Chicago and other American cities by unidentified federal law enforcement officers sent in to harass #BlackLivesMatter protesters on the square in downtown Tyler this Sunday.

Our goal is to bring 1,000 East Texans to the courthouse square to protest the unconstitutional occupation of Portland and stand up for our constitutional rights this Sunday. We must stand up for our rights, and not let Democracy die at the hands of a totalitarian government. STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS and help us #PROTESTPORTLAND.

What is happening in Portland is wrong. What will soon happen in other American cities is wrong. It is unconstitutional.

Speakers to be announced, but will include Hank Gilbert, candidate for U.S. Congress.



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