PALESTINE (KYTX)-A segment on the Palestine mayor's radio talk show is causing controversy across town. Mayor Bob Herrington hosts a show called Meddlin' in the Morning on KNET. It's what a caller said, that has some people concerned.

"Good morning Bob and Darla, this is Jack from Grapeland."

The voices you're hearing are the radio hosts Bob, his co-host Darla and the caller, Jack Coleman.

"He was always making jokes about which Jack am I talking to and I called in saying I'm the community leader Jack with an elevated vocal pitch," Coleman said.

That's where some people say things got out of hand, when a derogatory term was used for homosexuals.

"I was actually talking about myself and it was one of those things where it went in and gee whiz I'm sorry that it happened but it just came out of my mouth and that's how it is," Coleman said.

Coleman says he doesn't think the mayor did anything wrong.

"He wasn't the mayor. He was being a radio talk show host at the time. If I was doing it down at city council, I think they have a right to complain but he wasn't at city council, he was on a radio show," Coleman said.

Not everyone agrees with that.

"I can't hold him responsible for what someone else says but I feel like it would be appropriate to condemn that.


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