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The city of Tyler is urging people to stop dripping their faucets and to turn off the water if their pipes have frozen. 

In a statement on Friday, the city of Tyler requested that people make these immediate actions to help city crews return water pressure to normal. 

"In order for us to meet current water demand levels, we must be able to refill our elevated water tanks and towers," the statement read. "This normally takes place overnight, when water consumption is very low. But because of the community-wide faucet drip to prevent freezing, this has not occurred."

The request is urgent due to Tyler hospitals and dialysis depending on adequate water pressure for life-saving measures, the city said.

The statement added that the city of Tyler will work with non-profits to assist people without insurance, seniors and others who have suffered a lot of water-related damage due to frozen pipes bursting. 

The city of Tyler's boil water notice also remains in effect.

The following main breaks are prioritized for repair Friday and Saturday. 

  • 1717 Sequoia Dr.
  • 206 Alpine Dr.
  • 1010 Shepherd Ln.
  • 1018 Shepherd Ln.
  • 4520 Old Troup Hwy.
  • 4108 Easy St.
  • 3400 Woodbine Blvd.
  • W. Front St. and Lyons Ave.
  • 1605 N. Palace Ave.
  • 719 W. Front St.
  • 2729 Old Bullard Rd.
  • 314 N. Gaston Ave.
  • 316 Dayton St.
  • 1125 Pinedale Pl.
  • 631 S. Broadway Ave.
  • 1318 Jeff Davis. Dr.
  • 1911 N. Palace Ave.
  • Confederate Ave.

The city of Tyler is also partnering with private contractors Friday and through the coming week to repair a Golden Road fire hydrant that was broken due to tampering. 

Residents should expect low or inconsistent water pressure as the system stabilizes. Those who have freezing pipes for residential lines should not expect pipes to thaw until temperatures get above freezing. 

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