With fewer than 30 days left to campaign for the May 9 City Council election, Linda Sellers has outraised her three opponents by more than $13,000.

The deadline for the 30-day campaign finance report was Thursday. Candidates will have to file a final spending report after votes are tallied.

Mrs. Sellers, a local insurance agent and business owner, had raised $14,542 as of April 9, according to her campaign finance report. Most of her more than 50 donors contributed in excess of $100 each.

As of the report date, her campaign spent just more than $7,955 — mostly on advertising signs and paper campaign materials.



William "Billy" Larson, a career oil and gas tax consultant, raised $1,362 from four donors.

At the time of the report filing, Larson had spent all of his donated funds on newspaper advertising, yard signs and on information from the Smith County Elections Office on statistical data from the 2014 general and local elections.



William Waterson Calhoun's campaign was funded mostly out of pocket as of the report-filing deadline. The business owner and engineer's campaign had $270 in contributions from one donor and total expenses of just more than $1,000.

Calhoun said most of his expenses were paid out of pocket for yard signs, T-shirts and social media marketing.



Detrese Harkey, a drug and alcohol counselor for the Salvation Army, failed to file her campaign finance report by the Thursday deadline.

Mrs. Harkey said she was out of town Thursday and intended to file the report Friday. City Clerk Cassandra Brager said Mrs. Harkey picked up the information packet on Friday but had not returned it by the end of the day.

Ian Steusloff, assistant general counsel for the Texas Ethics Commission, said all candidates are required to file the 30-day campaign finance report unless the candidate checks a box on their campaign treasurer appointment paperwork pledging to accept or spend less than $500 in donations. Ms. Brager said Mrs. Harkey filed the paperwork but did not check the designated box.

Mrs. Harkey said her campaign will be primarily self-funded and estimated she spent about $270 on campaign materials as of Friday.

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