Just over 100 Tylerites congregated in the fellowship hall of Bethel Baptist Church Tuesday for the 3rd annual 9/11 Honor and Remembrance ceremony, hosted by the Chapel Hill chapter of Future Farmers of America.

The organization honored local first responders and paid tribute to those that died in the line of duty during the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Kicking off the event, free brisket sandwiches and homemade desserts were had by all, followed by a presentation of the colors, singing of the national anthem and a moment of silence.

Students played a 9/11 memorial video presentation for the audience to pay respects for those who lost their lives while serving and Lindale Fire Department Chief Joe Yeakly, who was severely burned and injured while fighting a house fire in 2014, gave a speech on his experience as a first responder.

Chapel Hill FFA Vice President Kara Pinkerton, 17, said she believes it’s important to give thanks to those who serve the community.

“I think it’s super important to be able to know who these people are and give them thanks for what they did for our country and what they’re still doing for our country.”

Jackie Richardson, president of the Chapel Hill Chapter of the State Association of the Young Farmers, said the event teaches the students to pass on history that they didn’t live through and to continue to pay respect where it’s due.

“We read about Vietnam, World War II and the Civil War. These students are learning about 9/11, because most of them were not alive in 2001. These are 14, 15, 16-year-old students. So for them to know that this has happened, it’s the next part of history that we have to continue to remember and pass to our younger generation, and not let these things be forgotten.”

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