Chandler grandmother's trial begins

Glynda Morrow sits in the 114th District courtroom with a shaved head as a witness takes the stand.

Testimony began Tuesday morning in the trial of a 52-year-old Chandler woman accused of killing her grand-daughter in a drunken collision last July.

Glynda Denise Morrow sat in the 114th District courtroom with a completely shaven head as witnesses told jurors what they saw the night of the crash.

Ms. Morrow is charged with intoxication manslaughter and could face up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

"At no point in time, under no circumstances, had she ever had any thought of endangering this child in any way," Defense Attorney Melvin Thompson said.

He claims it wasn't the alcohol that caused the crash.

"There was one intervening factor that had not previously existed, a wet highway," Thompson said.

Questions about road conditions were directed to the state's witnesses like Michael Byers who lives near the crash site.

Byers said he and a relative were outside when they heard the crash on July 31 on Lake Placid Road just south of Loop 49.

Byers said he and his relative ran to the scene and found the red Chevrolet Tahoe had left a curve in the road and crashed into a tree.

Byers told jurors the only person originally seen in the vehicle was Ms. Morrow, but later they found a lifeless Lydia Sykes in the backseat of the Tahoe.

"We didn't find a pulse and we kind of lost it. We were actually tearing up as we tried to do CPR with the constable who was now on the scene," he said.

Smith County District Attorney prosecutors Jacob Putman and Chris Gatewood presented the case for the state, as local attorney Melvin Thompson defended Ms. Morrow.

Earlier reports in the incident stated Ms. Morrow had a blood alcohol content of 0.154, nearly twice the legal limit in the state, and also had Xanax and marijuana in her system.

"She was OK taking that chance, she was OK putting Lydia Sykes in that back seat and driving in that condition," Prosecutor Jacob Putman said.


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