FLINT (KYTX)-8 months ago, Carl Crabtree caused a crash in Flint while he was driving drunk. He killed Brook Hill employee Dana Regester and foreign exchange student Pasha Zapolskyy, 4 other teenagers were injured.

Crabtree's blood alcohol content was double the legal limit and DPS troopers found alcohol and marijuana in his car.

That wreck wasn't Crabtree's first experience with drinking and driving. Crabtree is what the people at Mothers Against drunk driving call a repeat offender.

Monday, Crabtree was sentenced to the maximum for intoxication manslaughter and intoxication assault, 40 years in prison. The families of the victim's got a chance to address Crabtree in person.

"Out of your own selfishness, the lack of respect for the laws of the state, the lack of respect for anyone's safety, you created 2 giant holes in 2 families here," Dr. Sidney Chadwell said.

Dr. Chadwell's son was injured in the crash. He was also one of the host parents for Zapolskyy.

Crabtree was charged with 2 DWI's in 2009. He was sentenced to jail time and put on probation. Leslie Watson with MADD is upset that didn't change Crabtree.

"It's sad he didn't use those opportunities to make better decisions," Watson said.

Chadwell echoed that sentiment.

"You spit in the face of the judicial system that tried to help you by continuing to do these things that were reckless abandonment in the way you were driving, you act and what you do," Chadwell said.

Watson thinks changes need to be made statewide to stop repeat offenders.

"Texas could still do some things to strengthen existing drunk driving laws on the books. There are some tools that other states have that Texas doesn't have," Watson said.

Tools like sobriety checkpoints, which don't exist in Texas and ignition interlock requirements instead of options for first offenders.

All of the family members told Crabtree they hope he thinks about what he's done in prison.

"The people involved here loved those people very much that you killed with your reckless driving," Chadwell said.


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