The city of Bullard is proposing to raise its tax rate by 1 cent for every $100 of property valuation.

The proposal would change the tax rate from 59.5347 cents per $100 of valuation to 60.5347, increasing revenue by just under $28,000.

If the city wanted to keep revenue level, it would need a rate of 59.2868 cents. The maximum the city can raise the rate without potentially triggering a tax election is 61.

“I believe in providing the necessary tools for our departments to do their jobs effectively and safely, but I also believe in protecting our taxpayer dollars, getting the best services for their dollars,” Mayor Pam Frederick said in an interview.

Frederick said some of the big spending items are to improve staffing in the city’s new streets department. She said the department started last year and is understaffed.

Other expenses include a renovation of police department offices in City Hall to help eight patrolmen who are working out of two rooms; the increased cost of a dispatch contract with Smith County from $14,381 to $33,676; and small increases in police pay.

“We cut almost every capital purchase,” Frederick said. She was referencing the sort of wish lists that departments usually request in their budgets each year. “This is a bare-bones budget. It really is.”

Frederick said the new employee for the streets department will be hired six months into the fiscal year to reduce the cost, and the renovations for the police department will be only about two-thirds of the department’s request.

“We take a very conservative view on estimating revenue and estimating expenditures,” Frederick said.

Public hearings are scheduled for 6 p.m. Aug. 29 and Sept. 5 at City Hall.

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