After an incident involving off-duty Bullard police officers slamming a Black teen to the ground outside of Times Square Grand Slam, Bullard Mayor Pam Frederick said there will be a joint press conference with the NAACP later this week and that the officers involved handled the situation well.

Frederick said in a statement to media that she reviewed the body camera footage of the officer and talked about the incident with police administration.

“Having reviewed the body camera video and discussed the situation with Bullard Law Enforcement administration, I feel that our officers handled the situation well,” Frederick said. “We need to come together as a community and restore the faith we have in our law enforcement officers as well as our respect for their authority.”

Frederick also said the city has met with the NAACP regarding the incident.

On Saturday, video on social media showed off-duty officers who were working security speaking to a group of three individuals when the teen, who has his hands behind his back and appears to be in handcuffs, begins pushing up against the shoulder of one of the officers. The officer then grabs the teen near his neck and slams him to the sidewalk.

The video has received hundreds of views and comments saying the use of force was excessive.


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