Kindergarteners and preschoolers across Bullard ISD were filled with joy as they went into their front yards and were greeted by their smiling teachers holding handmade signs and shouting hellos from their open car windows.

As Texas government officials continue to enforce necessary measures to keep students out of schools to protect them from the spread of the coronavirus, many early-childhood students wrote letters to their teachers expressing how much they missed them.

Amanda Goode, principal of the Bullard early childhood campus saw that another district had organized its teachers to drive through the students’ neighborhoods to boost their moral, and she wanted to do the same for the students of her school.

“I think the students are very excited to see their teacher’s faces,” said Angie Stinson, public relations coordinator for Bullard ISD. “They have been sending letters and notes back with lunch delivery drivers, telling teachers they miss them.”

According to Stinson, although many of the students are participating in videoconference calls with their teachers, not all of the students have the resources to do that. School officials said the neighborhood drive through greeting will mean a lot to the students, who have not seen their teachers while they’ve been away from class.

Goode sent an email to parents and posted the plan to Facebook and uploaded the information onto the webpage so that parents will know what time to expect the teachers’ visit.

“This was possible to do because we are a small, close knit community,” said Stinson. “The teachers are looking forward to showing the students that they care and still love them.”

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