Brookshire's donates 40,000 pounds of food to the East Texas Food Bank Thursday

Brookshire Grocery Company's Russell Cooper, Ex. VP and General Counsel, Rebecca Sanders, Dir. of Public Relations, Rick Ellis, VP marketing and Dennis Cullinane, Ex. Dir. East Texas Food Bank, top to bottom, stand with a semi trailer loasded with 40, 000 pounds of food donated by Brookshire's to the East Texas Food Bank. Herb Nygren Jr./Staff

Brookshire Grocery Co. donated 40,000 pounds of food Thursday to the East Texas Food Bank for Hunger Action Month.

"Brookshire Grocery Co. is known for friendly service and community support, and this truckload donation is one way we can help others in our community," said Brookshire's President and CEO Rick Rayford in a news release. "We realize that many people have trouble providing adequate meals for their families, so it is our desire to partner with the East Texas Food Bank to fill some of these needs."

In addition, a one-day food drive was held at stores in Tyler and Longview.

"We are truly grateful to the Brookshire Grocery Co. for their generous donation toward our Hunger Action Month campaign," said Dennis Cullinane, executive director of East Texas Food Bank, in the news release. "This is another example of how we have always been able to count on their support in almost every aspect of our mission."

Join the East Texas Food Bank's Hunger Action Month by making an online donation at EastTexasFood, or learn about ways you can take action against hunger. A donation of $1 will help provide eight meals.

In East Texas, one in four children, one in five adults and one in seven seniors are at risk of hunger.

Brookshire Grocery Co. operates 153 stores in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas with three distribution centers and seven manufacturing facilities. The company has been in operation since 1928.

The East Texas Food Bank provided more than 14 million meals, that is more than 16 million pounds of food, each year to 200 partner agencies in 26 East Texas counties.