Hazardous road conditions caused by snow and ice from the week’s two major winter storms are expected to linger through Saturday morning across East Texas, according to the National Weather Service.

NWS Shreveport Meteorologist Matt Hemingway said in a Thursday morning briefing that overnight temperatures will be in the teens early Friday morning and Friday into Saturday morning, causing any snow melt to refreeze.

“We’re almost through it,” he said.

Sunny skies and a high near 41 degrees Saturday should help clear out the snow and ice, Hemingway said.

“We will see a warning trend begin to gain steam,” he said. Daytime temperatures are expected to steadily climb to reach a more seasonal 61 degrees while overnight temperatures will remain above freezing after Saturday night.

Ice totals were not available Thursday afternoon. Meteorologist Gary Chatlain said weather service staff members are working to get more statistics for the week, but that task has been cumbersome.

This past week totaled about five days of sub-freezing temperatures, Chatlain said. The five day run would tie with three other events: December 1983, late January/early February 1951 and February 1933.

“It’s still super rare,” Chatalin said. “It’s an every 20/30/40 years event.”

Low temperatures were expected to reach 12 degrees early Friday.

“Yet another all-time cold night,” Chatalin said. “This is a not very common arctic air invasion.”

Several meteorologists at the Shreveport office noted that this has been the most challenging event in several years.

“It seems like the longest week ever,” Hemingway said. “If we can get this melted away, we can resume normal activities.”

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