Two fugitives, Joy Lynn Everett and Pete Quinonez, were captured Tuesday by Henderson County authorities, according to a news release from District Attorney Scott McKee.

Everett was convicted in February 2012 for possession of a controlled substance and a punishment hearing was held on April 3, 1012, and she was sentenced to eight years in prison.

She appealed the case, was granted bail while the appeal was pending, and ultimately was out on bond. On April 24, the 12th Court of Appeals in Tyler affirmed her conviction.

Everett had been on the run until Tuesday when Henderson County Sheriff's Deputy Kyle Pochobradsky received information that she was living in a home with Pete Quinonez, also a fugitive, in the 110 block of Estrota Drive in Cherokee Shores.

Quinonez had outstanding bond forfeiture for a possession of a controlled substance case as well as a motion to revoke pending for failure to pay child support.

Capt. Bryan Tower, Capt. Kay Langford, Deputy Michael Teel, and Narcotics Investigator Wick Gabbard arrived at the home where a lengthy standoff ensued. District Attorney's Office Investigator Ronny Halbert and Assistant District Attorney Weiner also were at the scene. Everett eventually removed the barricade from the front door to the home and came out willingly.

Both Everrett and Quinonez were taken into custody and transported to the Henderson County Jail. Everett is awaiting transport to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to serve out her sentence and Quinonez will be held on current pending charges, according to information from the district attorney's office.






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