JACKSONVILLE (KYTX) - Multiple animals are still being housed in the Klein Animal Shelter in Jacksonville. Many of their fates still unknown, four days after the shelter director was arrested on animal cruelty charges. CBS 19's Katiera Winfrey explains what's next for the remaining animals.

Barking rings clear behind the Klein Animal Shelter gate.

"We had some idea of the situation at Klein we just didn't realize how bad it was," said Deborah Dobbs with the SPCA of East Texas.

And if you look closely you can see where the sounds are coming from. It's been four days since the shelter director Angela Wallace was arrested for alleged animal abuse. With the doors closed, the question remains: who's now going to care for the remaining animals inside? So far the SPCA of East Texas has gotten two animals, but that's it.

"Right now we are on hold, we're not being allowed in the shelter and not being allowed to pull any animals," said Dobbs.

While the animal removal process may seem like a big wait, several other agencies have been allowed to remove some animals. Today --although representatives weren't available to speak on camera-- we videotaped the O'Mally Alley Cat organization bringing out around 30 cats.

As for the city of Tyler, it's contract with Klein is on hold. So for now, any new stray pick ups will stay in the city.

"We do have a facility-- a holding facility here in Tyler that we will be holding the animals until there is some sort of reconciliation of the issue down in Jacksonville," said Tyler Mayor Martin Heines.

Since the Klein Shelter has been used to house city animals, pet owners searching for missing pets may have a tough search ahead of them.

"If you lost your dog last week you might be trying to get it back and you can't get in touch with anyone because they are open, so we are trying to be a liaison for people who have lost their pets," said Dobbs.

For now the SPCA is just waiting to help.


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