Three alleged drug dealers were recently taken off the streets of Jacksonville, and at least one more arrest is expected, Jacksonville police said.

Detective James Oden said Orenthial James Crear, 34, of Jacksonville, Randall Dewberry, 31, of Athens, and Avery Tilley-Scales, 17, of Jacksonville, were arrested in the 800 block of Wilkins Street.

He said the trio is accused of dealing mostly crack cocaine and marijuana from outside a home.

Crear and Dewberry were charged with delivery of a controlled substance within a drug-free zone, penalty group 1, because of proximity to Lincoln Park, Oden said. Tilley-Scales was charged with marijuana possession.

Bonds for Crear and Dewberry were set at $50,000 each, while Tilley-Scales' bond was set at $1,000.

Oden said the three were not the area's biggest dealers, but the arrests were one additional step for police in working their way up the drug supply chain.

"This is how it all starts," he added.

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