Three Tyler physicians were among the 36 who were disciplined by the Texas Medical Board during its Oct 18 meeting.

Dr. Randall Gordon Craig voluntarily and permanently surrendered his Texas medical license. The Board found that Craig pled guilty to and was convicted of a misdemeanor offense for failing to file a tax return, according to a report released late Wednesday.

Craig requested that the voluntary surrender of his medical license be accepted in lieu of further disciplinary proceedings.

The Board also found that Dr. Anton R. Lester's medical records were inadequate with the treatment of one patient and that he admitted to prescribing in his name in order to provide medications to his patients.

Lesterentered into an agreed order requiring him to have his practice "monitored by another physician for 12 monitoring cycles; within one year complete at least 16 hours of continued medical education, divided as follows: eight hours in risk management and eight hours in ethics; not prescribe, dispense, administer or authorize controlled substances or dangerous drugs to himself for his own use or in his name for use by patients; separate from patient records, Lester shall maintain a log consisting of a record of every sample of controlled substances or dangerous drugs provided to patients in chronological order by date issued; and pay an administrative penalty of $3,000 within 90 days."

Another Tyler doctor's license has been suspended. According to the Board's report, since Dr. Gregory Scott Terrellwas arrested on July 31, 2013 for diversion of controlled substances for another person's use, heentered into an agreed order to suspend his Texas medical license "until such time as he appears before the Board and provides clear and convincing evidence that he is competent to safely practice medicine."



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