This past week ahead of Super Bowl Sunday, Patrick Mahomes has made appearances all over his hometown of Whitehouse thanks to a longtime Kansas City Chiefs fan and his life-size cardboard cut-out of the football star.

While the real Mahomes was spending time preparing for the game, a 2-D version of the quarterback — alongside Brian Feiden and his family — visited fans at local Whitehouse businesses and schools to celebrate Mahomes’ second Super Bowl appearance.

Feiden, who grew up in the Kansas City area, began the adventure known as #PatWhereYouAt on Tuesday night when his wife, Betsy, and their son surprised him with the cut-out that the family has named “Flat Pat.”

“After they did the big scare, they posted some pictures on Facebook and a few people said, ‘You should bring Patrick throughout the town,’” he said. “It didn’t start off as a mission. It actually started off as around the house with the family and when someone requested you should bring into the community, I thought, ‘that would be a lot of fun and encouraging and something lighthearted to continue gathering the community together.’”

Since that night, the Feidens set up a Facebook group, #PatWhereYouAt, and have been all around the Whitehouse area, including stops at the high school, elementary and middle schools, businesses, the chamber of commerce and more.

Flat Pat even stopped by for a photo with the “Jake from State Farm” at local agent Chuck Osborn’s office.

Feiden and Flat Pat also took photos with Mahomes’ former football coach at Whitehouse High Adam Cook, who is the athletic director at Whitehouse ISD.

“It’s pretty awesome to see how much support there is. There’s a lot of energy around,” Feiden said. “Tons of kids are wearing red today in support of Patrick Mahomes. It’s a lot of fun to see that.”

Feiden noted that he knows Mahomes’ name is Patrick, but the cut-out was named Pat because they needed a good rhyme.

Feiden, who has lived in Whitehouse since 2007, has enjoyed seeing more people become Chiefs fans after Mahomes joined the team in 2017.

“Being a Chiefs fan since I was a kid, born and raised near the training camp, there weren't many Chiefs fans outside of the Kansas City area,” he said. “You couldn’t find Chiefs stuff here in many places. Now, you walk into Brookshire’s and there’s Chiefs gear all over Tyler and Whitehouse. It’s pretty amazing to see.”

Feiden recalled seeing Mahomes during his senior year at Whitehouse while his daughter was a freshmen band student.

“So we went to every high school football game for his senior year and it was pretty amazing,” he said. “I saw he was awfully talented then and predicted that if he stayed healthy that he would make it to the NFL, but had no clue of what he’s accomplished in the NFL in just three starting years.”

When Mahomes was drafted to the Chiefs from Texas Tech University in 2017, Feiden was so excited that his wife and kids thought something was wrong with him.

“When I saw that he was drafted, I jumped up off the couch and ran laps around the living room like I just scored a goal at the World Cup,” Feiden said. “I was over the moon. This kid has talent and work ethic like no other.”

Looking back at all those years ago, Feiden said he never thought he would be carrying a cardboard Patrick Mahomes around his community.

“If somebody would have said in three years you’re going to be carrying around Flat Pat around Whitehouse, I would have told them you’re crazy and there’s no way in the world that I would ever do it,” Feiden said.

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