A new cinnamon roll shop has come to Tyler, and customers are already lined out the door to get their hands on the sugary, sticky treat.

On Friday, Cinnaholic opened in The Village at Cumberland Park, located at 8926 S. Broadway Ave. Cinnaholic specializes in vegan, gourmet cinnamon rolls.

“All of us in East Texas have been waiting for a while and seen the teasing, the Facebook posting, it was pretty exciting that we’re actually able to come out and join everybody else in the community and enjoy the cinnamon rolls,” customer Senetra McClendon said.

Even with long lines on opening day, McClendon said the staff was quick and pleasant.

“It was really great, very smooth,” McClendon continued. “They were very personable, and very friendly. They even educated us on how to create our own cinnamon rolls if we wanted one. My mouth is watering.”

All of Cinnaholic’s products are completely vegan, dairy and lactose-free, egg-free, and cholesterol-free. The cinnamon rolls are rolled, cooked, frosted and topped all in-house. The store offers over 40 different cinnamon roll frostings and toppings.

The store owners, Theo and Charise Farraj, said they just moved to East Texas and were excited when they learned that starting their own Cinnaholic franchise was an option.

“We relocated from Los Angeles to East Texas,” Charise said. “We resonated with the Texas culture. My husband said, ‘You know, this is a great place to start a new business.’ We’re vegans, so we were initially fans of Cinnaholic. My husband did research on the company and realized what an incredible thriving franchise it is, and thought it would be the perfect thing to bring to Tyler.”

Already, the owners are warming up to East Texas.

“Tyler is an amazing up-and-coming city,” Charise said. “It’s such a unique place in East Texas. It’s like a little multi-cultural hub. We love it here.”

Charise said that the company’s vision is to be a place for people of community, and to be a home away from home.

“Make cinnamon rolls, not war,” Charise said. “Peace, love and cinnamon rolls — just the kindness and love behind the entire corporation is amazing.”

Cinnaholic has seven locations in Texas that are open, with plans to open three more stores in the near future.

But cinnamon rolls aren’t the only things that Cinnaholic sells.

“We also serve cookie dough, which we can serve raw because it’s egg-free and we also make amazing chocolate chip and cinnadoodle cookies,” Charise said. “We also have baby buns, cinnacakes, banana bread and we also offer a delicious cat’s coffee here in Tyler.”

And to drive the theme home, Cinnaholic’s logo features a swallow flying through the air.

“The reason we have the swallow on the logo is because that’s what sailors used to recognize as a symbol of returning home,” Charise said. “No matter what Cinnaholic you come to, you’re always coming back home. No matter who you are or where you come from, everyone’s going to love this place. Give us a try, the food speaks for itself.”

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