Featured Businesses on this week’s Tyler Chamber Radio: Stonebridge Heating & Air Conditioning, Mary’s Reflexology & Trinity Healing, Video Magic Productions

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On this week’s Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce internet radio business show, Henry Bell reports on this week’s East Texas Coalition in Austin with Chamber members from Tyler, Longview, and Kilgore meeting with State leaders at the Capitol. You can listen to the details online at TylerChamberRadio.com.

How do you clean up the air in your home which can cause allergies and other breathing maladies? Homes today can be 3 to 5 times dirtier than the air outside, and in some cases, even a hundred times worse than outside air, even with all the pollen afloat. The answer is the Lennox Pure Air System which is offered by Stonebridge Heating & Air Conditioning in Tyler. Owner, Joe Stowe, said, “Most home owners use cheap flat, meshy, fiberglass filters which catch very little and don’t filter out any volatile organic compounds (VOC).” New homes are filled with VOC because of the off-gas from new furniture, new drapes, new carpet, new paint, new flooring. Stowe explains that Pure Air, “grabs the VOC and destroys them, and it’s very affordable.” It also uses large area accordion-like filters which catch the smaller particles, along with an ultra violet light which kills the viruses. You can learn more online at StonebridgeAC.com or call 903-565-5414.

Mary’s Reflexology & Trinity Healing is centered on healing the mind, body, and spirit using alternative natural healing modalities and nutrition. Mary Filippi is the owner and national board-certified reflexologist. Filippi said, “We believe in the healing power of touch, and that the path for true health is through physical, mental, and spiritual growth, as well as through the love and greater good of all mankind.” Mary’s Reflexology offers a diverse range of holistic health solutions that include Reflexology, Massage, Reiki, Full Spectrum Far Infrared Sauna, Foot Detox Baths & Cupping Therapy. Classes on essential oils and meditation are offered free of charge. Every month the “Taste of Wellness” allows newcomers to try out different modalities for a special discounted fee. You can learn more online at MarysReflexology.com or call 903-944-7534.

Video Magic Productions is a full service, audio, and video production company. Danny Shepard, President, said, “Experience counts. I’ve been doing this for over 30 years and do creative audio and video work for some of the largest companies in Tyler.” Video Magic also rents audio or video equipment. Shepard said, “We have massive video screens and, of course, audio is everything. It has to look great and sound great.” Video Magic provides AV techs with state of the art technology, equipment and training. Shepard says, “No project or place is too small or too large.” You can learn more online at VideoMagicPro.com or call 903-581-0828.

Since 9/11, service members have faced multiple deployments to conflict zones around the world. Transitioning back home can be hard, and many service members and veterans have experienced challenges readjusting into life with their families, their jobs and their communities. Jennifer Cato, who is a service to armed forces field specialist for the American Red Cross, said, “We offer Reconnection Workshops which allows individual and small group discussion that enhances the successful re-engagement of service members and veterans in civilian life.” Workshops assist those impacted by a military deployment and bridge all branches of the Armed Forces. You can learn more online at Redcross.org/ReconnectionWorkshops.

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