All Saints Episcopal School has been named the Lausanne Learning Institute’s 2018 School Spotlight Winner.

The Lausanne Learning Institute is an international think tank for schools focusing on innovation and student-centered learning. The annual Spotlight award recognizes one school across the world for its contributions to innovative practices and for making an impact on education. The Spotlight school is featured and presents a series of education sessions on their best practices at the Lausanne summer conference in Memphis, Tennessee.

“Under Mike Cobb’s leadership, All Saints has turned into a very special space for students to prepare for the new century,” said Seth Burgess, director of Lausanne Learning Institutes. “The vision and mission of the entire school is focused on providing skills that move beyond memorization of facts, but develops the tools that allow real learning to continue beyond college.”

All Saints teachers presented 17 sessions over two days at Crosstown High, a new charter school in Memphis, Tennessee. More than 20 All Saints teachers and administrators presented on topics ranging from entrepreneurship, student collaboration, inquiry-based learning, design-thinking, authentic learning, virtual reality coding, service learning & leadership, and more.

Lausanne Learning announced in May that All Saints Episcopal School received the 2018 School Spotlight Award, signifying an achievement in providing innovative learning strategies, programs, and spaces for improving education. All Saints was chosen for their commitment to teacher development and open space design, creating classrooms where students can realize personalized learning, developing curiosity and passion for knowledge that is an exemplar to the nation’s learning community.

All Saints Episcopal School presentations included:

  •  Inspiring Students to Go Beyond, Lisa Mitcham
  •  Learning Farms to Laser Cutters , Mike Cobb and Jason Kern
  •  The Food Truck Challenge, Stephanie Crossno
  •  Engaging Authentic Learning in Math, Sarah White
  •  Leaving a Legacy: Students Designing, Cindy Pointer
  •  Active College Advising, Brian Motto and Miranda Davis
  •  Entrepreneurism: Eggs to Coffee, Jason Kern and Crissy Huffman
  •  Real World History, Kevin Crossno
  •  Rethink Your Cafeteria, Michael Brady and Katie Johnson
  •  Playground to Podium, JoJo Juarez
  •  Finding the Right Marketing Agency, Claire Hodges and Miranda Davis
  •  Journey to the Spotlight
  •  A Promise to Serve, Eddie Francis and Karen Lanford
  •  Developing World Leaders in EL, Jennifer Stanley and Sarah Carlyle
  •  Forget Open House – Experiential Events, Gretchen Mercer
  •  Lights, Camera, Action, Melissa Kirby

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