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Are you dreaming of tying the knot on a gorgeous stretch of sugar-white sand? Maybe the backdrop of a Tuscan villa is your perfect location. Destination weddings are growing in popularity, but is it the right choice for you? Here are a few things to consider before saying "I do" to a destination wedding.

In the end, one bride's pros of a destination wedding can be another's cons. It all depends on your situation and expectations. Do your research and consider the services of a seasoned wedding planner to assist in your special day.


Pro: Resorts that cater to the destination wedding crowd typically have a tried-and-true venue complete with an officiant, photographer, and caterer at the ready. Planning can be nearly comprehensive upon committing to the location. This one-stop approach streamlines the planning process, a godsend for overwhelmed brides.

Con: If you are planning remotely, many decisions will be made sight unseen, or with the use of photographs. You will have to take the planner's word when they swear that the appetizers are out of this world. One way to alleviate this problem is to make a pre-wedding trip well in advance of the big day if the budget allows.


Pro: If you both have larger families and were hoping for a smaller, more intimate ceremony, a destination wedding may be the perfect workaround. Financially speaking, a shorter guest list makes a less expensive reception.

Con: What is a pro can also be a con if someone you're very close to is not able to attend. Due to cost and time constraints, not all guests will be able to make the trip. Some couples choose to have a reception or party after returning from the honeymoon to accommodate friends and family unable to travel.


Pro: Honeymoon planning is a breeze. You've chosen a location you love. Simply extend the stay. If you opted for an all-inclusive resort, they may have a package that includes a honeymoon option.

Con: After taking the time and making the financial commitment to travel for your big day, family and friends may also decide to extend their stay for a vacation. This could put a damper on honeymoon plans if you'd counted on a lot of privacy and romantic couple time.


PRO: A destination wedding is something different. If you've attended a few conventional wedding ceremonies, you've probably noticed some commonalities. Destination weddings are less commonplace and combine the elements of both an event and a vacation. In that way, it will be memorable and exciting for guests.

CON: The flip side is that a destination wedding can be somewhat unpredictable. It's hard to keep your finger on every detail of the event when planning remotely. For some, this can prove challenging. Relying on photographs and telephone conversations alone makes it difficult to know what everything will really be like until you arrive.

Tami Brooks is a freelance writer based in East Texas. 

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