Your guide to planning a wedding party, wedding. 

A bridal shower is a celebration in honor of the bride-to-be. Traditionally the event has provided an opportunity for friends and family to give gifts for her to set up her new home. It was generally a women-only event.

We can all agree that it's hard to go wrong with a party full of cake, cocktails and your favorite people, so it makes sense that these pre-wedding soirees are as popular as ever.

“A classic shower is timeless. It never goes out of style,” says Deann Robertson, owner of Simply Yours by Design, a wedding and event planning service in Whitehouse, Texas. 

There's nothing wrong with sticking with the tried and true. But times are changing. If you’re searching for a fresh way to celebrate, give these ideas a look.


A couple's shower isn't exactly a new thing, but it is gaining popularity.

“One thing I’ve noticed, in both weddings and showers, is that the men are much more involved,” Robertson says. “It used to be all about the bride.”

A couple's shower, or Mr. and Mrs. shower, is more like a dinner party or cocktail party than the traditional wedding shower. Both male and female friends attend.

It still centers around gifts, but they are presented to both the bride and the groom.


“The Honey-Do shower is a fun one,” Robertson says. “Gifts may be a weed-eater or power tools.”

Much tamer than a bachelor party, these events are family-friendly, making it okay for dads, uncles, and the younger cousins to join in the fun. 


With the focus on a fun and unique activity that guests can do together, this type of shower is a lot of fun. From cookie decorating — we’ve all iced an engagement ring treat — to wine tasting to paint parties. You’re only limited by your imagination.


Think bachelorette party without all the hoopla. It can involve  a weekend trip to an exotic destination with bride-to-be and closest friends. It also can be as simple as a group outing day trip to a spa or winery.

This works best when there are not a lot of people involved.


This is just what it sounds like. Think going to a favorite barbecue restaurant or a local taproom. The elements are all the same: food, friends, and fun, just a lot more casual gathering. An informal event.

"The shower is a time to be a little adventurous, while still keeping it simple," Robertson says.

Keeping an eye on details that the couple loves, such as favorite foods, colors, and activities will ensure a successful event.

Tami Brooks is a freelance writer based in East Texas. 

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