What is it about a picnic that makes it so appealing? Perhaps it’s the romantic image of people basking in the sun on a blanket sipping a beverage between bites of delicate morsels of food. Or maybe it’s the lure of eating free from the confines of a chair, a table and a physical structure w…

When I was a young reporter at the Tyler Morning Telegraph, many (many, many) years ago, I was assigned to write a story about the Edom Art Festival.

Make every occasion special by designing and growing containers for summer holidays, weddings, anniversary parties or other special celebrations. Pick a color scheme appropriate for the occasion or a variety of colors and shapes sure to add a festive touch.

Some regard salad as almost an afterthought, a puny starter dish or side that plays the role of an extra in a blockbuster movie. Worse still, salad has traditionally been considered a diet food, something you eat when you are depriving yourself and can’t eat “real food.”

It’s no wonder that a good deal of research is conducted to explore culinary trends. Food is big business. Companies that tap into these insights are better prepared to meet customer demands, perhaps even before consumers know exactly what they want.