Molly Wellmann is many things – a successful business woman, club owner, bartender, mixologist, speaker, author and history buff. Oh, and award winner. The Nightclub & Bar Media Group selected her as the 2019 Bartender-Owner of the Year.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Unfortunately, with gifts to buy, crowded shopping centers, back-to-back diet-busting parties, and loads of family obligations, it may not feel so wonderful at times.

In the May/June Lifestyles, I listed 10 things on an East Texas bucket list — places and experiences that reflect our history and culture. These are experiences that every East Texan should do at least once.

What is it about a picnic that makes it so appealing? Perhaps it’s the romantic image of people basking in the sun on a blanket sipping a beverage between bites of delicate morsels of food. Or maybe it’s the lure of eating free from the confines of a chair, a table and a physical structure w…

When I was a young reporter at the Tyler Morning Telegraph, many (many, many) years ago, I was assigned to write a story about the Edom Art Festival.

Make every occasion special by designing and growing containers for summer holidays, weddings, anniversary parties or other special celebrations. Pick a color scheme appropriate for the occasion or a variety of colors and shapes sure to add a festive touch.