Rose City Duplicate Bridge Club Results for July 8

North/South: Brenda Baker and Don Bartley, 1st; Carolyn Chapman and {span}R.V. Rathnam{/span}, 2nd; Paula Edwards and Charlene Goodman, 3rd.

East/West: Colleen O’Neal and Sandy O’Bannon, 1st; Pud Patterson and Nancy Green, 2nd.

Results for July 10

Nancy Hargis and Annette Crawford, 1st; Mary Bartley and Brenda Baker, 2nd; Nancy Green and Cliff Dillard, 3rd.

Results for July 12

North/South: Mary Bartley and Emily Leake, 1st; Wayne and Lajuana Rogers, Liz Smith and Martha Taft, R.V. Rathnam and Karlene Hall, tied for 2nd.

East/West: Sandy O’Bannon and Brenda Baker, 1st; Bill Scheibal and Susan Sensenbach, 2nd; Paula Edwards and Annette Crawford, 3rd.

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