Tiger lilies hitting their blazing glory in IDEA Garden

Tiger Lillies

There is a tiger in the garden!

Come and see our beautiful tiger lilies blooming beautifully in the orange section of the IDEA Garden. June is when lilies bloom, and these beauties are absolutely gorgeous — vivid orange with black dots and hanging like large bells in a cluster. They stand about 5 feet tall, so you can’t miss them.

Tiger lilies have been grown for ages by East Texans because they are easy to grow and multiply rapidly into large clumps. They also seed out by dropping little black beads that are attached at each leaf node. They are pass-along plants for sure.

Tiger lilies (Lillium lancifolium) are easily grown all over East Texas. They need a sunny bed amended with lots of good compost in an area that drains well.

These lilies break ground in late winter and grow rapidly once spring arrives and are ready right on schedule to bloom in June. I absolutely love bulbs of all kinds, and lilies especially. You plant bulbs once and enjoy them for years and years, plus you have plenty to share with friends.

As I grow older, I appreciate my bulbs more than ever, and tiger lilies have become a favorite since a dear friend from church shared hers with me several years ago.

If you haven’t been to the gardens recently, please take time to go before the real hot weather comes. If you can, come early in the morning (the garden gate opens at 7:30 a.m.) and enjoy the beauty that is blooming there. Notice the bright orange tigers and also the exotic Gloriosa lilies blooming on the fence in the red-orange area.

They are actually a beautiful pink with yellow trim, but we thought they would be orange, so that is why they grow where they do. All our gardens are beautiful, so grab a buddy and come enjoy.

Dee Bishop is a Smith County Master Gardener. She writes about plants growing within the Tyler Rose Garden.

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