Sweet boy needs forever family


There are hundreds of foster children in East Texas waiting for a forever family. Today we share Deveion’s story in CBS 19’s “Children are a Gift” series.

We took Deveion to the East Texas State Fair in Tyler. He was intrigued by the livestock barns.

He introduced himself to Avery Kinney who was about to show her heifer named Lady.

“You can touch her right here,” said Avery, showing Deveion where to pet Lady.

“She feels like a horse,” said Deveion, as his hand slid over the heifer’s soft coat.

This 13-year-old had many questions about how to take care of the cow and keep her clean. Avery was happy to teach him about her 900-pound animal.

“I hope she wins first place,” said Deveion, as he walked away. “Thank you,” Avery said.

Besides animals, Deveion enjoys sports. “I like to play football, basketball, eat healthy and watch TV when I get my work done after school.”

This eighth-grader does well in school. “I like math and friends to get along with. Sometimes I get all A’s or sometimes A’s and B’s,” he said, proudly.

As Deveion stood watching his new friend compete in the livestock show, he was thrilled when the judge said Lady took first place.

Avery let Deveion hold her blue ribbon. “Cool,” he said gazing at the prize. “Congratulations!”

He’s hoping next it will be his turn to celebrate by finding a forever family. I asked him if he wants to be adopted. He responded, “Yes ma’am! I want to see what it feels like to be adopted and have brothers or a sister or have something to do, like in real life.”

I went on to ask him what kind of family he would like. He said, “Any kind. Just one who loves me.”

Deveion said he will be happy to find a family he can call his own.

To learn more about Deveion, join Gillian Sheridan for her “Children are a Gift” report next Tuesday night on CBS19 News at 6. You can also get information on East Texas children waiting for a forever family by going to cbs19.tv, call 903-655-6211 or email gsheridan@cbs19.tv.

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